Sunday, February 11, 2018

Filejoker.Net premium accounts valid 1 YEAR 24/12/2018

update on 4/03/2018
  1. What is is a modern, state of the art cloud storage service that allows you to upload and store data, use it as a backup source, remote drive, share and transfer your data and do a host of other useful things.​
  2. Does offer any free services?
    Yes, of course can be used free. All you need to do is register your free account and you will be able to perform simple and quick tasks, like for example transfer larger files that would not be possible to transfer via email. You can upload, store and access limited amount of data with your free account.​
  3. Why would I need a Premium Account? Premium Account gives you a lot more options on what you can do with your data, how much of it can you process and how fast. Premium Account users enjoy very large storage space, blazing fast upload and download speeds as well as extended access to various tools that enable you to work with your data efficiently and conveniently. Check out the main benefits of the Premium Account!​
  4. What types of data will I be able to upload and are there any restrictions on file size?
    You can upload any type of data or file format as long as you do it in strict accordance with the published Terms of Service. You can upload files up to 4GB in size.​
How long will my files be stored?
Non accessed free user files will be stored 30 days, Premium user files will be stored for 90 days. The countdown begins from the last download of the file.

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